Become an advocate

There are plenty of ways for individuals and organizations to become advocates for adequacy, equity, and achievement in Maryland's public schools.

First and foremost, be informed.  The ACLU Education Reform Project publishes an online newsletter, Education Advocate, that connects readers to important education updates and opportunities to take action.  Click here for recent and past issues, as well as information about how to subcribe.

And, of course, get involved.  In both the school house and the state house, it takes the coordinated efforts of concerned parents, school staff, and community members to ensure that Maryland children receive the quality education they are constitutionally guaranteed.

The Baltimore Education Coalition is a powerful and growing partnership of over 25 schools, organizations, and religious institutions united by a mission to ensure that all children in Baltimore City receive an excellent education.  Since 2009, the coalition has effectively organized and mobilized the Baltimore community to advocate for progressive reform policies, especially around adequate funding.  Join the effort today!

Transform Baltimore: Build Schools, Build Neighborhoods is a campaign that calls upon elected officials to adopt and implement a funding plan to renovate and modernize every public school building in Baltimore City within eight years.  The campaign is actively working to build awareness of the desperate need for repairs, pushing for innovative financing strategies, and mobilizing public support for change.  Learn more about the proposed solutions and endorse the campaign!

Stay informed

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