Dr. Sheila Graham is a Black woman sitting in a chair. She is wearing a yellow/orange long-sleeved shirt, a floral scarf, and glasses. Her hair is styled in lochs just above her shoulders. Her hands are clasped and she is smiling.


Board Member – Affiliate Equity Officer, Equity Committee Co-Chair



A queer, Black-Latina, and daughter of Costa Rican immigrants, Dr. Sheila V. Graham received her B.A. in Psychology and Black Studies from Amherst College (2003) and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University (2010). Her career has focused largely on the impact of oppression on the mental health of marginalized communities. A licensed psychologist, Dr. Graham has worked primarily in university counseling centers providing clinical services to college student populations and cultural awareness training to other clinicians. 

Dr. Graham is passionate about all forms of social justice and is committed to dismantling oppressive systems that dehumanize those who are oppressed, as well as those who are privileged by them. She is especially interested in issues of race, social class, sexual orientation, disability and immigration.

Dr. Graham and her wife reside in Baltimore City, where they work diligently to raise their two children to be socially conscious members of society.