Montgomery County Trust Act Coalition:
Working with CASA, Montgomery County SURJ, Sanctuary DMV, Takoma Park Mobilization, Safe Silver Spring, and many others on an effort to ensure local law enforcement and public agencies are prioritizing the safety of all residents.
Make Montgomery County a safe place for everyone.
There is one fact everyone agrees on. When county police work hand in hand with ICE. immigrants begin to distrust police. When residents distrust police, the community’s fabric begins to rip at the seams, but we can achieve saver communities if all citizens work together without fear and intolerance. We all need trust for a safer community.
The Trust Act would:
  • Some vulnerable immigrants are scared to interact and do not contact the police if they witness or are a victim of a crime. The trust act will be a tool to close the gap between the immigrant community and police.
  • The trust act will ensure Montgomery County does not participate in an unconstitutional federal registry.
  • Saves local resources by ensuring the county does not engage in immigration enforcement.


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