The ACLU of Maryland has organized a coalition to urge congressional leaders to ask the Department of Homeland Security to end the 287(g) program in Frederick County. The federal 287(g) program deputizes local police as immigration enforcers, with virtually no training, oversight, or accountability. Frederick County is the only county in Maryland to participate in the program. Since the beginning, 287(g) has resulted in countless complaints of abusive police practices and racial profiling. Unfortunately, the 287(g) program in Frederick County has developed a reputation for being one of the worst offenders nationally.

We have a unique opportunity because the 287(g) program in Frederick County is set to expire in January, 2013. Following the strong support for retaining the DREAM Act at the ballot box, Marylanders have shown that they want a state that treats all of its residents with dignity and respect. 

The coalition includes the ACLU of Maryland, CASA de Maryland, Immigration Legal Services of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington, Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Identity, the Immigration Clinic of the University of Maryland Carey School of Law, the Immigrants Rights Clinic of the University of Baltimore School of Law, the Maryland Immigrant Rights Coalition, the NAACP of Frederick County, the Maryland NAACP, the Public Justice Center, SEIU 32BJ, SEIU State Council, the DC Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Council, and the Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice in the National Capital Region. 


Migration Policy Institute Report, which provides a comprehensive overview of the 287(g) program and highlights problems with Frederick County, among other locations.

ACLU of Georgia, Terror and Isolation in Cobb: How Unchecked Police Power under 287(g) Has Torn Families Apart and Threatened Public Safety (Oct. 2009)

ACLU of North Carolina and Immigration & Human Rights Policy Clinic, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Policies and Politics of Local Immigration Laws: 287(g) Program in North Carolina (Feb. 2009) 

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Report on Immigration in the United States: Detention and Due Process 66-67, 144 (Dec. 30, 2010)      


Sirine Shebaya, Liman Fellow, Immigrants' Rights and Racial Justice

Date filed

November 27, 2012



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