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  1. Civil Rights Groups Take Stand for Maryland's 'Prisoners of the Census' Redistricting Law

    November 18, 2011Press releaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections
  2. ACLU Calls on Eastern Shore Town to Rescind Unconstitutional Candidate Law, Re-Run Illegal Election

    October 12, 2011Press releaseVoting Rights and Elections
  3. Federal Appeals Court Orders Attorneys' Fees For Important Civil Rights Case

    August 30, 2011Press releaseFree Speech, Voting Rights and Elections
  4. ACLU Calls Proposed Hurlock Voter ID Law Unconstitutional, Discriminatory

    August 17, 2011Press releaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections
  5. ACLU Raises Concerns About the Legality, Vulnerability to Fraud of Maryland Online Petition System

    June 10, 2011Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Privacy & Technology, Voting Rights and Elections
  6. 2011 Legislative Report

    April 15, 2011Press releaseEducation, Housing Segregation and Economic Mobility, Immigrants' Rights, Free Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Privacy & Technology, Safe and Free, Education Funding, School Facilities, Student Achievement, Racial Justice, Disability Rights, Police Practices, Open Government, Children's Rights, Due Process, Voting Rights and Elections, Justice for Children Who Are Incarcerated, Legal Justice System, Gender and Sexuality Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  7. Civil Rights Groups File Amicus Brief

    December 5, 2011Press releaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections