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  1. We need to know the TRUTH about the 287g program

    July 24, 2018CampaignImmigrants' Rights
  2. What are 287(g) Agreements?

    September 4, 2018PageImmigrants' Rights
  3. Montgomery County Trust Act Coalition

    June 5, 2018CampaignImmigrants' Rights, Police Practices
  4. ICE Bait and Switch: Lin v. Nielsen / Sanchez v. McAleenan

    March 13, 2019CaseImmigrants' Rights, Due Process, Racial Justice, Police Practices
  5. Federal Judge Issues Class-Wide Order Prohibiting ICE’s Bait and Switch Tactics, Ordering Immigrants Released from Detention

    February 7, 2020Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice
  6. How Marylanders are Making a Difference: Lobby Day 2020

    February 24, 2020News updatePolice Practices, Immigrants' Rights, Education Funding, Due Process, Criminal Legal Justice System, Racial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections
  7. Baltimore Immigration Judge Refuses to Postpone Court Dates in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

    March 17, 2020Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice
  8. Immigrant Rights Groups Sue ICE To Release Maryland Detainees Most at Risk of COVID-19

    March 24, 2020Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Police Practices, Criminal Legal Justice System, Racial Justice
  9. Coreas v. Bounds (COVID-19)

    March 25, 2020CaseImmigrants' Rights
  10. Archive: Hassan Sader v. American Airlines

    November 18, 2015CaseImmigrants' Rights, Safe and Free, Racial Justice, Due Process, Religious Liberty