The ACLU of Maryland stands in support of the Movement for Black Lives.  We stand against efforts to discredit, demonize and destroy this movement in the way that the government and others have tried to undermine Black political power in the past.

 We remember the lives of Gary Hopkins, Emmanuel Okutuga, Christopher Brown, Dale Graham, Winfield Fisher, Tyrone West, Freddie Gray, Korryn Gaines, and the families of countless victims of police misconduct in our state. Police violence underscores the larger problem of racism present in our structures of society – laws, public policies, institutional practices, and cultural representations – that serve to reinforce and perpetuate inequality along racial lines. 

Undeniably, access to justice and opportunity in America has too often been defined by skin color.  For many decades, the ACLU of Maryland has been dedicated to challenging violence against Black Marylanders – in the form of historic and still lingering institutional racism in housing, education, jobs, economic mobility, police practices, voting rights, and more. We are committed to working with our community and advocacy partners to ensure the promises of freedom and equality enshrined in the Constitution and civil rights laws are fully realized for all people. 

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