"Today we joyously celebrate with the Maryland couples and families who will no longer be treated as legal strangers," said Susan Goering, executive director of the ACLU of Maryland. "We also applaud Marylanders for affirming fairness and standing up for the right of same-sex couples to be treated equally under the law. The ACLU of Maryland is proud of our work on this issue over many years, and for the opportunity to partner with so many others around the state, and around the country, in rectifying an historic injustice."    

The ACLU of Maryland is a member of the four organization Board of the broad coalition, Marylanders for Marriage Equality, which includes the Baltimore NAACP, labor unions, and religious allies. 

Check out this great video from people across the state explaining why marriage equality is important for Maryland!

Voices of Marriage Equality

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Public servants, faith leaders and community members explain why marriage equality is important for Maryland.