Download your Maryland Voter Empowerment Card

The ACLU of Maryland's Election Protection campaign is a statewide effort to educate voters about their rights and solve problems at the polls. We will hold a hotline (410-889-8555) for Maryland voters on primary and general election days. We will reach out to groups across the state and political spectrum to raise awareness of the hotline and make available downloadable versions of our Maryland Voter Empowerment cards.

Download the Voter Empowerment Cards above for more information.

What Are the 4 Keys to Unlock Your Vote?

  1. If you are not currently incarcerated for a felony conviction, you have the right to vote.
  2. You can still register to vote during early voting and on Election Day for both the Primary and General elections.
  3. If you can prove you live in Maryland, no one except an election judge can challenge your eligibility to vote.
  4. If you witness voter intimidation or harassment, call the ACLU at 410-889-8555.

You have the right to vote if you are: 18 years old; live in Maryland; a U.S. citizen; not currently incarcerated for a felony; experiencing homelessness. Issues at the polls? Call our Election Protection Hotline: 410-889-8555. ACLU of Maryland


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