The ACLU of Maryland's Election Protection campaign is a statewide effort to educate voters about their rights and solve problems at the polls.

Our Election Protection Hotline is open (443-399-3229) for Maryland voters from now through June 2. We will update this information for the general election on November 3, 2020.

Know Your Rights -- If you are not currently incarcerated for a felony conviction, you have the right to vote.


This primary election will be conducted mostly by mail because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The deadline to vote in the general election primary is Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Protect and exercise your right to vote in 2020:

  • Register to vote – If you are not registered to vote, register online at the State Board of Elections website. You can also print out and mail your voter registration application, or call your local Board of Elections or the State Board of Elections to request an application by mail.
  • Double-check your registration – If you are registered to vote, make sure your address and other information is correct on the State Board of Elections website.
  • Look for your ballot in the mail – You should receive your ballot in early to mid-May. You don’t need stamps. Registered voters will receive their ballot in the mail with pre-paid postage to return it once completed and signed. NOTE: Ballots have the wrong date on them and still say April 28. The State Board of Elections is aware of this mistake and said it is because the election was abruptly rescheduled.
  • Vote by mail – Vote by mail if you can! Doing so will keep yourself, other voters, and election workers safe from COVID-19. Return your ballot by placing it in the mail or, postmarking it at a post office, or putting it in a designated drop box by 8pm on June 2. Lookup drop box locations here.
  • Limited in-person voting – If you can’t vote by mail, there will be a limited number of voting centers open on June 2 across the state for the primary election to provide accessible voting and assistance. Look up the location of your jurisdiction’s voting center here. You can also register to vote at the voting centers, and cast your ballot that same day. 


  • May 21 – June 2, 2020 – Early voting period when voters may drop off their ballots at designated drop off locations. The only day you can vote in person is on June 2.
  • May 27, 2020 – Last day to register for Maryland’s Primary Election. If applying by mail, it must be postmarked by this day.  If using Maryland's Online Voter Registration System, you have until 9:00pm to submit your application.
  • May 21, 2020 – Ballot drop boxes placed around the state.
  • June 2, 2020 – Election Day – Deadline for postmarking your ballot at a post office or dropping it in the mail or in a drop box. If you are dropping off your ballot, you must do so by 8:00 p.m.


To ensure that all voters have an opportunity to vote, there will be in-person voting locations on June 2, 2020, for voters to cast their ballots. These locations will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. You must go to the designated voting center for your jurisdiction.

Look up the locations of the in-person voting centers here.


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