#mobilejustice MD app

Download today for Android and iPhone devices

Mobile Justice MD is available - in English and Spanish - for use on Android and iOS phones, downloadable for free through Apple's App Store or Google Play.

The app's main functions:

  • The record button allows you to record exchanges between police officers and themselves or other community members. The audio and video files are automatically sent to the ACLU of Maryland so that evidence can't be destroyed.
  • The witness function sends out an alert when police stop someone so that community members can move toward the location and document the interaction.
  • The report feature gives you the option to complete an incident report and send it directly to the ACLU of Maryland for review. ACLU legal staff will review videos that are sent along with a detailed incident report.
  • A Know Your Rights section - in English and Spanish - provides an overview of your rights when you are stopped by law enforcement officers.
  • The notification function allows you to get news about action alerts and events on police accountability, to help you get involved in the movement for reform.

How To Use the ACLU Mobile Justice App

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Mobile Justice is an easy way to record and report interactions with law enforcement. All footage and reports submitted through this app will be sent immediately to your local ACLU affiliate.

LEARN: Your right to record police actions in public.