20 Awesome Wins In 2020

This Year Hasn't Been a Complete Disaster.

We compiled a list of heartwarming civil rights wins, brave people taking steps to sue for their rights, successful events, awe-inspiring groups making a difference, and more.

  1. Korryn Gaines’ family overturned judicial immunity ruling on appeal, restored hard-won jury verdict. #BlackLivesMatter

    Korryn Gaines and her son, Kodi Gaines
  2. Federal rulings blocked abortion bans in two states (Georgia and Tennessee) so far!

    "My Right, My Decision" protest sign at the Supreme Court for an abortion rights case
  3. In a triumphant preliminary victory, immigrants now have fair bond hearings, helping people avoid unnecessary detention if they don’t have enough money.

    2 plaintiffs in the Miranda v. Barr lawsuit
  4. The HOME Act passed in Maryland, preventing landlords from discriminating against you based on your source of income.

    A row of houses - HOME Act
  5. After many letters and even a petition, the first steps were taken to decrease the number of Marylanders in prisons and jails in order to fight COVID infections.

    Maryland Court of Appeals
  6. Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, Erricka Bridgeford, and Kevin James stood up for their constitutional rights and sued the Baltimore Police Department to stop unconstitutional spy planes.

    No spy planes over Baltimore
  7. William Kemcha and A.G.C. were released from ICE detention due to their high risk of illness or death due to COVID-19.

    3 Latinx people with American flags
  8. A federal court in Maryland ruled that people who can get pregnant can get the medication abortion by mail during the pandemic.

    Mifepristone medication abortion
  9. Maryland voters had the opportunity to vote safely during the primary election. 97% of the people who voted in the June primary voted by mail.

    Maryland mail-in Primary Election ballots
  10. A federal judge issued a class-wide order prohibiting ICE’s cruel bait and switch tactics, ordering that immigrants be released from detention.

    Elmer and Alyse Sanchez
  11. Students, parents, and community leaders joined the ACLU of Maryland for our first successful, virtual townhall that updated parents on the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future bill and examined how COVID-19 remote learning impacts students and families.

    Bradford v. Maryland State Board of Education virtual town hall
  12. The ACLU of Maryland joins forces with over 60 (now 75+) organizations across the state to call on our legislators to support specific and meaningful police reform.

    Help win impactful police reforms in Maryland - Sign the petition
  13. A federal judge rejected Frederick Sheriff Jenkins’ attempt to escape liability for racially profiling Latinx people.

    Medrano v Jenkins complaint filing with VICTORY stamp
  14. 1,505,082 Marylanders voted in the primaries!

    American flag
  15. The Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ people cannot be fired because of their sexual orientation or because they are transgender.

    "Trans People Belong" protest signs at Supreme Court
  16. In partnership with the Lifer Family Support Network, we wrote a letter to the Governor and the Secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to push for more testing for COVID-19 in prisons and jails. The state agreed to test ALL staff and people who are incarcerated in state prisons and juvenile centers.

    Lifer Family Support Network Cofounder, Martina Hazelton and Eric Hazelton (Left), Earl Young (Middle), and Autumn Woodland (Right)
  17. Black and Brown officers advocate for reforms to address structural bias and serious racial discrimination and retaliation in the Prince George’s Police Department.

    Prince George's Black and Brown Officers Announce 12 Recommendations to County's New Task Force To Reform Police Department
  18. Greyhound buses refuse to let U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers search their buses without warrants.

    Greyhound bus
  19. A Federal Appeals Court struck down Trump’s policies that would restrict asylum for immigrants fleeing domestic and gang violence.

    "Immigrants Make America Great" protest sign
  20. Since the start of COVID-19, the ACLU has filed 145 legal actions and more than 37,430 people have been released from jails, prisons, and ICE detention centers, or never brought into the legal justice system in the first place.

    Healthcare worker in a mask and gloves holds a sign that says "We Can Do This"