Maryland Congressman Andy Harris stepped outside of his jurisdiction and ignored the opinion of Washington, D.C. residents when he tried used his power to undermine D.C.'s new marijuana decriminalization law. And he did so even though the public is clearly in favor of reform and despite the fact that decriminalization would help address the large racial disparities in arrests for marijuana possession.

"Andy Harris would have already over-crowded prisons filled those charged with simple marijuana possession, even though research shows the citizens who get arrested will be disproportionately black people. Harris is out of touch with most Maryland voters, as well as those in D.C. who had never heard of him until he interfered in their lives. Indeed, most Americans now see that throwing people in jail for marijuana possession is hugely counterproductive." - Davis Bobrow

Check out an op-ed in the Star Democrat by Bobrow, a board member of the 
ACLU of Maryland from the Eastern Shore:

Watch our short film, "Side Effects: Maryland's War on Marijuana," about the racial disparities in arrests for marijuana possession:

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