My organization, the Maryland ACLU, recently helped launch a new website, Who needs another housing website? In fact, yes, there is a need.

Until now, housing mobility has not had a home on the web and is covered sporadically, if at all, by other housing sites sponsored by foundations or the affordable housing or community development industries. When it exists, the coverage is sometimes sensationalized, often superficial, and frequently misinformed. Rarely do housing mobility practitioners get to shape the message about what they do, their successes, and their challenges.

It is rarer still to hear the voice of parents or kids participating in housing mobility programs. Logistically, it is difficult for voucher tenants to be heard in the policy arena or within their local housing authorities. That is even more true for families in mobility programs. There is a dominant narrative from organized public housing tenant activists in the policy arena, but the community of HUD-assisted residents is far from monolithic.

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