Music is a Wonderland Rollercoaster

Don't snooze on this playlist to play at all the parties during AMEMSA Heritage Month.

Music is a wonderland rollercoaster. Celebrating Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian Heritage Month.

Music brings joy to so many of us, when we’re struggling, celebrating, or just getting through the day. We here at the ACLU of Maryland love playlists. We would like to share with you a new one to celebrate Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian (AMEMSA) Heritage Month.

A Muslim and South Asian staff member (who enjoys their privacy) compiled a playlist of songs that are bringing them life. This playlist spans genres and cultures. It isn’t focused on songs from within the AMEMSA culture. But it is a playlist that we hope brings some love and light to you this month. (Bonus if it makes you dance a little bit, whatever dancing means to you). Enjoy!



  1. gold rush - Taylor Swift
  2. Texas Hold 'Em - Beyoncé
  3. Snooze - SZA
  4. City Boys - Burna Boy
  5. All The Parties - Drake, Chief Keef
  6. Berenstein - The Band Camino
  7. Wonderland (Taylors Version) - Taylor Swift
  8. Churchill Downs - Jack Harlow, Drake
  9. Pisces - Riz La Vie
  10. Last Night - Morgan Wallen
  11. Coastline - Hollow Coves
  12. Maroon - Taylor Swift
  13. Rollercoaster - Bleachers
  14. The Great War - Taylor Swift
  15. Budapest - George Ezra


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