Your support of the ACLU reflects your values: a passion for justice and equality and a desire to make a lasting difference in our society. Leaving a gift to the ACLU is a wonderful way to ensure that your values live on beyond your lifetime.


Leaving a gift in your will or trust is a very common way to create a legacy with the ACLU. Many supporters tell us how easy it is and about its many benefits:

  • You retain control of your assets during your lifetime: These gifts cost nothing at this time.
  • You choose the amount. There is no minimum contribution required.
  • You can provide for your loved ones and play a personal role in protecting our freedom’s future: You can put your family first by stating “If my partner survives me, then I leave my entire estate to my partner. If my partner does not survive me, then I leave my estate as follows…”
  • You can stay flexible by using percentages: For example, “I give to the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Maryland, Inc. 50% of my residuary estate to be used for its general purposes.”
  • You may change your plans at any time.
  • You can remain anonymous.
  • You can leave a gift in honor or memory of someone special.

Both the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Maryland and the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland accept bequests; only those to the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, qualify for the estate tax charitable deduction.


ACLU supporters like you frequently tell us, “I wish I could do more.” One way you can contribute is by naming the ACLU as a beneficiary. Include the ACLU as a beneficiary of these types of accounts:

  • Retirement Accounts
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Bank or Brokerage Accounts
  • Certificate of Deposits

It’s easy to do and a will is not required. Just update your policy at any time by requesting a beneficiary designation form from your account administrator. You can designate the ACLU as a partial, contingent, or sole beneficiary of your account. Simply complete the form and mail it back, keeping a copy for your files.

To designate a gift to the ACLU of Maryland, simply provide the legal name and taxpayer identification number on your provider’s beneficiary designation form. For example:

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Maryland, Inc., Tax ID# 23-7209538


Q: Will my donation to the ACLU of Maryland benefit the National ACLU?

A: Yes. At the ACLU of Maryland, we work closely with our colleagues at the National ACLU to defend civil liberties in our state and across the country. Gifts to the ACLU of Maryland are shared with the National ACLU, and vice versa.

Q: Should I expect an acknowledgment of my gift from the ACLU of Maryland?

A: Please notify us of a gift you have left to the ACLU so that we can properly thank you. Your completed gift provision entitles you to lifetime membership in the DeSilver Legacy Society.

View our Member-Donor Confidentiality & Privacy Policy here.

For questions or more information, please email us or call us at 410-889-8555 ext. 153.

This information is not intended as tax or legal advice. We recommend that you consult with your financial/legal advisors to learn how a gift would work in your circumstances.