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February 28, 2019

BALTIMORE – This week Baltimore City School Board Commissioners voted 8-2 to support a dangerous and unnecessary piece of legislation that would authorize school police officers to carry loaded guns throughout the school day. ACLU of Maryland joins students, families, and teachers across the city in calling on Baltimore’s Delegates and Senators to vote NO on House Bill 1373.

The following can be attributed to Dana Vickers Shelley, Executive Director at ACLU of Maryland:

“Guns in schools is not the answer. The presence of guns in schools negatively impacts children’s ability to learn, and do not keep children safer. This vote by the Baltimore City School Board conflicts with the school district’s commitment to restorative practices and positive school climate.

“By succumbing to the powerful Fraternal Order of the Police this reactive decision follows a disturbing national trend of bolstering police when communities are at their most vulnerable.

“Our children and communities need strong, productive relationships and support for community schools models. The school system needs to prioritize a trauma-informed approach that includes identifying students impacted by traumatic stress. Those students need to be supported in understanding and managing their emotions, and in using restorative practices when there is a conflict.

“Now, Baltimore City legislators must vote NO on House Bill 1383 once and for all.”


Take action to oppose HB 1373. Say NO to authorizing school police to carry loaded guns once and for all.