CONTACT: Meredith Curtis, ACLU of Maryland, 443-310-9946,

ANNAPOLIS - The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Maryland on Tuesday will join Senators Jamie Raskin (D-Montgomery) and Christopher Shank (R-Washington) to highlight a privacy agenda for the 2014 General Assembly that will include legislation to set parameters on law enforcement's use of email surveillance, location tracking, drones, and automatic license plate readers. The ACLU joins Sens. Raskin and Shank in the belief that this package of bills would help ensure that Marylanders can be both safe and free. 

  • Email surveillance. Legislation to require that law enforcement go before a neutral arbiter and prove that the information they are obtaining is likely to turn up evidence of a crime before intercepting and accessing online data.
  • Location Tracking. Legislation to require law enforcement get a warrant based on probable cause prior to obtaining mobile phone tracking information.
  • Drones. Legislation to impose limits and regulations on aerial surveillance that would protect against police fishing expeditions, and abusive use of these tools.  
  • Automatic License Plate Recorders. Legislation that would keep law enforcement from storing records of license plates and locations that are not ‘hits' against any database.

WHAT: Press conference to highlight 2014 privacy legislative agenda.
WHO: Senators Jamie Raskin (D-Montgomery) and Christopher Shank (R-Washington), joined by ACLU of Maryland Public Policy Director Sara N. Love. 
WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 at 9:15 AM.
WHERE: Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, Miller Senate Office Building, Annapolis, Maryland.