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The following can be attributed to Susan Goering, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland:

"Today, the Baltimore City Police Department announced that it has completed the investigation of what happened when officers apprehended, detained, and transported Freddie Gray, who later died after suffering a crushed voice box and a spine that was 80% severed. This information is now with the State's Attorney of Baltimore City.

"We join with the people of Baltimore who demand answers and who want to know that there will be justice for Freddie Gray and the others who have come before him. We join with the people of Baltimore who believe that justice for those who have been harmed at the hands of police has been all but nonexistent in our City and across our state, and that this failure has been a root cause of the lack of trust in police.

"Our systems of justice are far more willing to treat officers as innocent until proven guilty than they are the communities who are being policed -- communities where people are presumed guilty and stopped, searched and arrested without cause.

"We will continue to work for the reforms needed to end this double standard, as we have before, as the inquiry into Freddie Gray's death continues. In the spirit of ending that double standard, we all need to know soon: What justice will prosecutors seek for Freddie Gray?"