The power of our country has always been with the people. And even with a Biden-Harris Administration, we still have a lot of work to do to protect our rights and liberties. Where do we go from here? How can Maryland become the state we all want to live in, particularly those who have historically been harmed by our government?

The 2020 election taught us that when we remove barriers and expand access to the ballot, citizens are able to vote in record numbers. That is why we are committed to realizing an election infrastructure that guarantees universal suffrage and robust access to the ballot, including Marylanders who are currently incarcerated.

A quality education is necessary to be a productive member of our society. But for generations, access to a quality education has been denied to Black and Latinx students and students with disabilities. That is why we are committed to realizing a public education system where all students can learn, thrive, and are prepared to effectively engage in the social, political, and economic life of their community.

The legal justice system has systemic racism baked into its DNA and has deeply hurt and impacted the Black community. That is why we are committed to realizing an equitable justice system that prioritizes community-centered approaches to public safety and ends our primary reliance on incarceration.

Our neighbors are our neighbors regardless of their legal status. But ICE ramped up their racist practices against our immigrant neighbors under the previous administration. That is why we are committed to realizing a state where all Marylanders are empowered to fully participate in society regardless of citizenship or legal status.

We are committed to realizing a Maryland where all individuals can live, think, and speak freely, without discrimination based on identity, unwarranted surveillance, with bodily integrity protected, and with equitable access to the public square.

And we are committed to making government accountable by maximizing transparency, establishing limits on governmental power, and strengthening enforcement mechanisms, particularly where there is the greatest opportunity for abuse of power.

The ACLU of Maryland does not just name the problems. We advocate for systemic solutions. Thanks for joining us in this important work!

Yours in liberty and equity,

Dana Vickers Shelley
Executive Director
ACLU of Maryland

John Alvin Henderson
President, Board of Directors
ACLU of Maryland