Alexandra Bailey - Maryland Second Look Act Testimony (SB 123)

March 20, 2024

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The Maryland Second Look Act brings second chances, not only for those who have committed crimes, but for survivors as well. Help make Maryland a state we can all believe in.

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Alexandra Bailey
My name is Alexandra Bailey, and I'm the senior campaign strategist for the Sentencing Project, which for the last 30 plus years has been at the vanguard of research and advocacy around our nation's carceral issues. And we actually count a former Maryland state's attorney amongst our ranks.

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Alexandra Bailey
You've heard a lot of statistics, and I was going to go into that, but actually I've decided to change my testimony because, Senator Carter, I would actually like to you as a survivor of domestic violence who's only been safe for three and a half years, and as a childhood survivor, whose perpetrator is serving life without the possibility of parole due to the severity of the offenses that were perpetrated. I would like to thank you for introducing Senate Bill 123.

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Alexandra Bailey
And the reason that I would like to thank you is that people say that victims are not a monolith. That is correct. What this bill offers is not only just a meaningful opportunity for people to rehabilitate, but it’s also meaningful opportunities for survivors. Because let me tell you what the system normally feels like. There's a technicality, somebody gets out, maybe you participate, maybe you don't.

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Alexandra Bailey
That is a very different scenario to listening to somebody take responsibility, to show contrition, to show that they have changed. To then come out into the community to ensure that what happened to you as a survivor doesn't happen to other people. That is meaningful to survivors, that is giving back for what we have gone through. I counsel survivors all over the country.

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Alexandra Bailey
And do you want to know why? What happens to so many survivors fight back? They end up serving these sentences and they don't have the opportunity for review. Please pass this bill.

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Alexandra Bailey
Please report favorably on Senate Bill 123. Thank you.