A Call for Governor Moore to Veto the Juvenile Justice Bill if Fact-Based Change Isn't Made

March 14, 2024

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Press Conference Highlights (March 14, 2024)

When it comes to public safety, what’s best for our children is what's best for all Marylanders. Take action with the Maryland Youth Justice Coalition.

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Video by Nehemiah Bester.


00:00 – 00:09
Dayvon Love
Young people who are committing violence in the state only, constitute about 10% of the overall violence that exists in our communities and our neighborhoods.

00:09 – 00:21
Dayvon Love
But it's overrepresented in the media to create an environment that triggers that societal propaganda, that triggers people's willingness to see young Black people as disposable, as inherently criminal.

00:21 – 00:35
Yanet Amanuel
We are gathered here today to urge members of the General Assembly to strip HB 814 and SB 744 of all the harmful and regressive provisions of the bill and retain only the portion of the bill that establishes a commission to address the challenges. of the juvenile justice system.

00:35 – 00:47
Zakiya Sankara-Jabar
We are here opposing this bill and we are going to demand that Governor Wes Moore reject and veto this bill that will widen mass incarceration literally to 10-year-old babies.

00:47 – 01:00
Nekima Levy Armstrong
We are asking legislatures, to focus on the fact that these are children, these are babies who deserve protection and intervention. They do not deserve to be put in cages.

01:00 – 01:05
Erin Seagears
This bill will mostly be used against Black kids from marginalized communities.

01:05 – 01:15
Erin Seagears
This bill is not backed by evidence-based practices. It does not have the endorsement of a credible commission of experts, and it does not provide the kind of help that kids need and deserve.

01:15 – 01:23
Rev. Dr. Marlon B. Tilghman
Is the legislation that’s being presented, the right consequence that will lead to actual restoration and better public safety?

01:23 – 01:25
Rev. Dr. Marlon B. Tilghman
The answer is no.