On April 20, 2021, the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial issued a guilty verdict on all three counts for the murder of George Floyd. However, one verdict is not justice – it’s simply accountability. Over 5,000 people were killed by police in the U.S. since 2015, including George Floyd and Anton Black, who were killed by police in eerily, terrifyingly similar ways.

We talked to LaToya Holley, the sister of Anton Black, Dayvon Love, Director of Public Policy for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle and Sonia Kumar, senior staff attorney with the ACLU of Maryland, about the Derek Chauvin verdict, the work being done to get justice for Anton Black and what we must do to reform policing the create a system that values and protects Black lives.

Assessing the Claim or "Movement" to Defund the Police with Lawrence Grandpre, Director of Research for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle’s "When Baltimore Awakes" publication

Produced and hosted by: Amber Taylor, Digital Communications Strategist, ACLU of Maryland
Edited by: Amber Taylor and Matthew Gannon, Multimedia Production Intern, ACLU of Maryland

This podcast was recorded on Piscataway land.

Thinking Freely, ACLU of Maryland's podcast, informs Marylanders about what's happening politically – from the courts to the streets – so they can get involved and realize a more equitable Maryland for all. 


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