Landmark Federalsburg Voting Rights Settlement Plaque Reading by Elaine Hubbard

April 10, 2024

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Listen to Elaine Hubbard (pictured in the middle in the video thumbnail above), a local resident and plaintiff in the case, read the text to be showcased in the plaque commemorating the landmark Federalsburg voting rights victory.

Adding reconciliation to history-making election reform, we announced a landmark settlement in a federal lawsuit that challenged 200 years of discrimination against Black voters in the Town of Federalsburg.

Video by Nehemiah Bester.


00:00 – 00:49
Elaine Hubbard
From Protest to Progress: Events that Changed the Face of Federalsburg. In the Town of Federalsburg’s Bicentennial year 2023, the culmination of efforts of Federalsburg’s own Wanda Molock, Roberta Butler, Sherone Lewis, Elaine Hubbard, Darlene Pitt Hammond, Nikendra Bordley, Ryan Haynes, Lywanda Johnson, and Rev. Jeffrey Butler: the Caroline County Branch of the NAACP, under the leadership of Dr. Willie Woods: and the Caucus of African American Leaders, under the leadership of Hon. Carl Snowden and Rev. James Jones, in coordination with the Mayor and Council of Federalsburg, created the opportunity for Federalsburg’s Black community to elect two representatives to the Federalsburg Town Council.

00:49 – 01:17
Elaine Hubbard
Through their efforts, and the support of the ACLU of Maryland, and the guidance of the United States District Court, the Town adopted and implemented a new and fair election system, undoing 200 years of exclusion of Black residents from Town government. Federalsburg’s historic election on September 26, 2023, resulted in two Black women winning seats to the Town Council: Darlene Pitt Hammond and Brandy James.

01:17 – 01:25
Elaine Hubbard
This day forever marks a turning point in Federalsburg, beginning a new chapter that celebrates Federalsburg’s diverse community.