Montgomery County Enables Fraternal Order of Police Attack on Anton's Law - David Rocah Statement

January 10, 2024

The Maryland Coalition for Justice Police Accountability, the ACLU of Maryland, the Silver Spring Justice Coalition, and Vanderbilt Law School held a press conference outside of the Montgomery County Circuit Court before a court hearing related to the Fraternal Order of Police's (FOP) challenge to Anton’s Law.

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Video by Nehemiah Bester.


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David Rocah
It is bad enough that Montgomery County has helped undermine Anton’s Law through its agreement with the FOP. But the County’s example has already metastasized to Baltimore County, which has done the exact same thing through a police policy. The fact that county officials across the state are undermining the disclosure obligations of Anton’s Law through union agreements or police policies is completely unacceptable, and shows why transparency is so important, and why this case is so important. Misconduct thrives in secrecy.