Roberta Butler on the Landmark Voting Rights Victory in Federalsburg, Maryland

April 3, 2024

Adding reconciliation to history-making election reform, we announced a landmark settlement in a federal lawsuit that challenged 200 years of discrimination against Black voters in the Town of Federalsburg.

With a sweeping array of restorative measures, the Town seeks to make amends to Black residents for wrongs of the past. The remarkable agreement is the first of its kind in any Maryland voting rights case. It includes an official apology for historical racism, a street renaming, and community markers commemorating and celebrating the history and contributions of Black residents, among other measures.

Let this prove as a reminder that change means nothing without action. Congrats to Federalsburg, the Town residents, and historical voting rights in Maryland. Listen to Roberta Butler's heartfelt reaction.

Video by Nehemiah Bester.


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Roberta Butler
I'm feeling relief, rejoicement. But my thanks is, I'm glad we got this settlement. But in a way, I'm so sad that my parents, my grandparents, my neighbors, they're all gone now.

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Roberta Butler
They didn't get to see this day. This history that we made in Federalsburg.

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Roberta Butler
What the town was doing was wrong.

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Roberta Butler
Yes, it was wrong, but we changed that. We changed that.