September 17, 2020

As we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, we must continue to uplift the humanity of Latinx people. We need to protect immigrants from victimization and criminalization. No one should be, but too often, they are profiled for their skin color or denied the respect and dignity that every human being deserves. No one should be "othered" for merely existing. But the Latinx community is resilient, and groups like the RISE Coalition of Western Maryland are finding ways to support their community and exercise their rights. They show how we can make a better and safer community for our Latinx neighbors and Maryland as a whole.

Note: Since recording this podcast, the RISE Collation of Western Maryland hit their community fundraising goal. You can continue to support them and their efforts by visiting their Facebook page.

Produced, edited, and hosted by: Amber Taylor, Digital Communications Strategist, ACLU of Maryland
Edited by: Afiya Ervin, Communications Intern, ACLU of Maryland

This podcast was recorded on Piscataway land.

Thinking Freely, ACLU of Maryland's monthly podcast, will inform Marylanders about what's happening politically – from the courts to the streets – so they can get involved and realize a more equitable Maryland for all. 


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