Veto HB 814 – Care Not Cages for Children Rally

April 18, 2024
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ACLU or Maryland joined the Maryland Youth Justice Coalition at a Care Not Cages rally in Annapolis on April 18, 2024, to demand that Governor Moore veto HB 814.

Video edited by Nehemiah Bester. Video footage by Meredith Curtis Goode.


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Care not cages! Care not cages!

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Dream Jordan
My sister is currently nine years old, and I'd be devastated for her to make a mistake that she has to live with her for the rest of her life.

00:12 – 00:17
Henry Parker
Not every mistake should lead to us young people getting locked up. We deserve second and real chances.

00:17 – 00:33
Yanet Amanuel
As a Black woman, it's honestly really upsetting and frustrating to see the Maryland Legislature pass a bill that will put more kids in jail, even for minor technical violations. And give states’ attorneys too much discretion over kids who need age-appropriate support and services, rather than punishment and incarceration.

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Youth justice! Youth justice!

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Marcus Wright
Everybody, including the youth, regardless of age, color, everyone should have a say in something that involves their future.

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Henry Parker
We still babies at the end of the day. We still got a lot of life to live.

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Care not cages! Care not cages! Care not cages!

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Yanet Amanuel
Putting more kids in jail does not just mess up their lives, it hurts their families and communities too. The trauma of being separated, being seen as criminals and struggling to fit back into society can stick with them forever.

01:03 – 01:10
Dream Jordan
I ask you to look over this highly exaggerated bill and do the right thing. Veto House Bill 814.

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Veto House Bill 814! Veto House Bill 814!