We Show Up

December 13, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we wish you and those you cherish renewed hope, health, and determination in 2024.

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00:02 – 00:05
Nehemiah Bester
For over 90 years, we've been showing up for Marylanders.
00:05 – 00:14
Amy Cruice
There is a town called Federalsburg that never had a Black elected official in its 200-year history. Together with Black residents, we changed that.
00:14 – 00:23
Yanet Amanuel
We’re working with local groups to ensure that every county has a strong, community led Police Accountability Board. The people must have the power to hold police accountable.
00:23 – 00:36
Sergio España
We filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security to encourage them to finally end the racist 287g program in Frederick County because we know that racial profiling and police abuse have no place in our state.
00:36 – 00:47
Neydin Milián
Our children deserve a public safety system that protects and supports them, not criminalizes them. That’s why we’re continuing to champion the Child Interrogation Protection Act.
00:47 – 00:59
Veronica Dunlap
No one should be stopped solely on the alleged smell of marijuana, which is now legal in Maryland. That’s why we helped to pass a new law to stop this racist practice.
00:59 – 01:16
Dana Vickers Shelley
In police interactions, at protests, in schools, and more, our Know Your Rights Program let’s Marylanders know their rights so they can make the best and informed decisions, be good witnesses when violations occur, and know their options so they can take action.
01:16 – 01:17
Nehemiah Bester
We show up in the courts.
01:17 – 01:19
Dana Vickers Shelley
We show up in the legislature.
01:19 – 01:21
Nehemiah Bester
We show up in the streets.
01:21 – 01:23
Dana Vickers Shelley
We show up for our communities.
01:23 – 01:25
Nehemiah Bester
We show up.
01:25 – 01:28
Dana Vickers Shelley
Support the ACLU of Maryland today.

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