Local Partners

National Partners

Our Values when engaging in Coalition Work

Equity in Coalition Engagement Decision-making

Persons impacted by injustice must lead the effort.  At a minimum, this means they make key decisions about what reforms are needed.  This decision-making structure must be formalized.

Power & Resources

The effort must have an explicit goal of shifting power, resources, expertise, media attention and other means of advocacy to impacted persons.  Moreover, this goal must be met with concrete and attainable steps, which the coalition holds itself accountable to.

Credit, Accolades, and Public Messaging

The coalition understands that persons directly impacted by injustice are the foremost experts on the injustice and their voices and experiences are central to any public messaging the coalition engages in.  Credit and accolades for progress made is directly attributable to the work and sacrifice of communities directly impacted by the injustice.


Partners in the effort candidly name and address white supremacy and other inequities when  they surface.  This requires that all partners have an understanding of white supremacy and the many ways it manifests in the justice advocacy field.