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  1. ACLU Seeks to Add Former Anne Arundel Police Chief Teare as Defendant in "Enemies List" Lawsuit

    April 30, 2013Press releaseFree Speech, Police Practices, Open Government
  2. ACLU Calls for Immigration Reform that Respects the Civil Rights of All

    April 19, 2013Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Privacy & Technology, Racial Justice, Police Practices, Due Process, Prisoners' Rights
  3. ACLU Files Information Requests on Immigration Detainers

    April 15, 2013Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Police Practices, Due Process
  4. ACLU hails passage of bill to reduce youth incarceration

    April 9, 2013Press releaseRacial Justice, Children's Rights, Due Process, Justice for Children Who Are Incarcerated, Legal Justice System
  5. ACLU Defends Montgomery County Student Harassed for Not Standing for Pledge

    April 9, 2013Press releaseFree Speech, Children's Rights
  6. Diverse Groups Continue Strong Stance against HB 153, Even As Amended

    April 7, 2013Press releaseRacial Justice, Due Process