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  1. Fighting for Fair Representation in Wicomico County

    May 10, 2013News updateRacial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections
  2. What's New & Next for Freedom of Speech in Montgomery County

    May 24, 2013News updateFree Speech, Safe and Free, Children's Rights
  3. Historic Passage of Death Penalty Repeal in Maryland

    March 19, 2013News updateRacial Justice, Due Process, Prisoners' Rights, Justice for Children Who Are Incarcerated, Legal Justice System
  4. Poverty still hits the city hardest

    October 16, 2013News updateHousing Segregation and Economic Mobility, Racial Justice
  5. ACLU responds to "What might have been: Life under President Romney" by Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.

    January 30, 2013News updateFree Speech, Religious Liberty
  6. Halfway There! Legislative Session Update - March 8

    March 8, 2013News updateEducation, Free Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Privacy & Technology, Safe and Free, Education Funding, School Facilities, Racial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections, Legal Justice System, Gender and Sexuality Rights
  7. Proposed Discipline Regulations Hold Districts Accountable for Racial Disparities

    October 15, 2013News updateStudent Achievement, Racial Justice, Disability Rights, Children's Rights, Due Process, Justice for Children Who Are Incarcerated, Education, School Climate
  8. ACLU's Bebe Verdery Among "50 Women to Watch"

    July 22, 2013News updateEducation, Education Funding, School Facilities, Student Achievement, Children's Rights, School Climate
  9. Take a Stand! Demand Affordable Housing for All!

    December 4, 2013News updateHousing Segregation and Economic Mobility
  10. This Week in Civil Liberties - February 22

    February 21, 2013News updateImmigrants' Rights, Privacy & Technology, Safe and Free, Open Government, Due Process, Voting Rights and Elections, Prisoners' Rights