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  1. Appeals Court Allows Wikimedia Challenge to NSA Internet Surveillance to Go Forward

    May 23, 2017Press releaseFree Speech, Privacy & Technology, Safe and Free, Open Government
  2. ACLU Files Open Meetings Complaint Against Pocomoke City

    July 31, 2015Press releaseFree Speech, Racial Justice, Open Government
  3. Ruling Upholds Right of Individuals Targeted as "Enemies" by Leopold to Seek Justice

    May 29, 2015Press releaseFree Speech, Police Practices, Open Government
  4. ACLU of Maryland Executive Director to be Inducted into Maryland Women's Hall of Fame

    March 20, 2014Press releaseEducation, Housing Segregation and Economic Mobility, Immigrants' Rights, Free Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Privacy & Technology, Safe and Free, Education Funding, School Facilities, Student Achievement, Racial Justice, Disability Rights, Police Practices, Open Government, Children's Rights, Due Process, Voting Rights and Elections, Religious Liberty, Prisoners' Rights, Justice for Children Who Are Incarcerated, Legal Justice System, Gender and Sexuality Rights, School Climate