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  1. In Every County, Black People More Likely to be Arrested for Marijuana Possession

    November 7, 2013Press releaseRacial Justice, Police Practices, Due Process, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Justice
  2. ACLU, CASA Urge Police to Change ICE Warrant Policies

    September 26, 2013Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Police Practices, Criminal Justice
  3. Illegality of "stop and frisk" practice by police not addressed by name change

    September 24, 2013Press releasePolice Practices, Open Government, Due Process, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Justice
  4. ACLU Heralds Signing of Bills Expanding Rights

    May 2, 2013Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice, Due Process, Voting Rights and Elections, Prisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice
  5. ACLU hails passage of bill to reduce youth incarceration

    April 9, 2013Press releaseRacial Justice, Youth Rights, Due Process, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Justice
  6. Senate Passes Bill Decriminalizing Small Amounts of Marijuana

    March 19, 2013Press releaseRacial Justice, Criminal Justice


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