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  1. ACLU-MD, National ACLU Demand Transparency and Accountability for Killing of William Green by Prince George’s Police

    January 28, 2020Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  2. Kirwan Legislation Must Address Race and Wealthy Equity

    February 6, 2020Press releaseEducation Funding, Student Achievement
  3. Federal Judge Issues Class-Wide Order Prohibiting ICE’s Bait and Switch Tactics, Ordering Immigrants Released from Detention

    February 7, 2020Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice
  4. Groups advocating for real public safety solutions applaud Senator Smith; disappointed in Governor Hogan’s backward crime plan.

    February 20, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice, Legal Justice System, Police Practices
  5. Baltimore County Justice Coalition Calls for Oversight Board, Independent Investigation Following Killing of Eric Sopp

    March 5, 2020Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice
  6. Groups Recommend Changes in Elections Procedures

    March 18, 2020Press releaseVoting Rights and Elections, Open Government
  7. Pocomoke City Residents, Civil Rights and Police Groups Urge Appellate Court to Overturn Wrongful Conviction of Pioneering Black Police Chief

    March 25, 2020Press releasePolice Practices, Racial Justice, Due Process
  8. Coalition Urges Governor Hogan to Act to Prevent Public Health Crisis in Maryland Prisons and Jails 

    March 18, 2020Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Racial Justice, Due Process, Safe and Free
  9. Gov Hogan Response of Using At-Risk Prisoners to Make Protective Equipment for Others Shows Disregard for Their Lives

    April 3, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  10. Public Health Experts, Attorneys, and Families Urge Maryland High Court to Take “Extraordinary” Action to Prevent COVID-19 Spread in Places of Detention and Beyond

    April 7, 2020Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice