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  1. General Assembly Passes Bill to Expand Drivers License Access for Immigrants

    April 5, 2013Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice
  2. ACLU Decries Bill that Would Deny Public Defenders to Poor People

    April 2, 2013Press releaseRacial Justice, Due Process
  3. ACLU Decries Taxpayer Dollars Diverted to Private Schools in State Budget

    April 2, 2013Press releaseEducation, Religious Liberty
  4. Daily Record shines light on threat to due process for poor people

    April 5, 2013News updateRacial Justice, Due Process
  5. Pledging Allegiance to Free Speech

    April 19, 2013News updateFree Speech, Children's Rights
  6. ACLU Lauds Passage of the $1 Billion Baltimore City School Construction Bill

    April 3, 2013Press releaseEducation, School Facilities, Children's Rights
  7. Montgomery County Pledge of Allegiance Harassment

    April 9, 2013CaseFree Speech, Children's Rights
  8. Free Speech on the Boardwalk

    April 11, 2013CaseFree Speech