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  1. An Unprecedented Six New Schools Opening in Baltimore this Week

    August 20, 2018Press releaseSchool Facilities, Education Funding
  2. Race Equity Expert Delivers Highly Anticipated Second Address to “Kirwan” Commission on What Students of Color Need to Succeed

    November 15, 2018Press releaseEducation, Education Funding
  3. Concerned Parents and Civil Rights Organizations Call on the State of Maryland to Provide More Education Funding for Baltimore Schools and Investment in Children of Color

    January 22, 2019Press releaseEducation, Education Funding, School Facilities
  4. Baltimore City Council Passes Resolution Supporting Suit Against Maryland State Board of Education Over Constitutionally-Inadequate Funding for Baltimore Schools

    April 29, 2019Press releaseEducation, Education Funding, School Facilities
  5. Concerned Parents, Civil Rights Groups Sue State of Maryland Over Constitutionally Inadequate Funding for Children in Baltimore Schools

    March 7, 2019Press releaseEducation, Education Funding
  6. Statement On News Reports Governor Hogan Raising Campaign Funds to Stop Efforts to Equitably Fund Maryland Public Schools

    September 20, 2019Press releaseEducation, Education Funding, School Facilities
  7. Legal Team Representing Parents and Students in Baltimore Urge Kirwan Commission to Address Systemic Underfunding

    October 15, 2019Press releaseEducation, Education Funding
  8. Kirwan Legislation Must Address Race and Wealthy Equity

    February 6, 2020Press releaseEducation Funding, Student Achievement
  9. Statement on Today’s Latest Victory in the Bradford Case Championing State Constitutional Right to Education

    January 21, 2020Press releaseEducation Funding, School Facilities, Student Achievement
  10. New Thinking Freely Podcast Episode “The Time is Now to Center Race & Wealth Equity in Maryland Education (EP.05)” from the ACLU of Maryland

    November 21, 2019Press releaseEducation Funding, Education, School Facilities, School Climate