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  1. Dashiell v MSP: ACLU seeks public information about police racial slur complaint

    March 2, 2010CaseRacial Justice, Police Practices, Open Government
  2. Racial Disparities in Somerset County Employment

    May 17, 2009CaseRacial Justice, Open Government
  3. Unconstitutional Hurlock voter ID proposal

    August 17, 2011CaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections
  4. Wrongful Nuisance Abatement Actions in Hyattsville

    December 18, 2013CaseRacial Justice, Police Practices, Due Process, Criminal Legal Justice System
  5. Amicus brief in support of "No Representation Without Population Act"

    December 2, 2011CaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections
  6. Mardela Springs' property ownership requirement for local office

    October 11, 2011CaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections
  7. Muslim Ban Challenge

    February 7, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice, Due Process, Religious Liberty
  8. Harlem Park: Holmes v. Baltimore Police Department

    November 21, 2019CaseRacial Justice, Police Practices
  9. ICE Bait and Switch: Lin v. Nielsen / Sanchez v. McAleenan

    March 13, 2019CaseImmigrants' Rights, Due Process, Racial Justice, Police Practices
  10. Rozon v. Prince George's County School Board

    June 13, 2019CaseEducation, Racial Justice, Children's Rights