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  1. Montgomery County Pledge of Allegiance Harassment

    April 9, 2013CaseFree Speech, Children's Rights
  2. Chestertown blocks free speech in Town park

    September 17, 2012CaseFree Speech
  3. Automatic License Plate Readers

    July 30, 2012CasePrivacy & Technology, Safe and Free, Police Practices, Open Government, Due Process
  4. Illegal Arrests Lawsuit Against Baltimore Police Department

    April 26, 2012CaseRacial Justice, Police Practices, Criminal Legal Justice System
  5. Anne Arundel County Executive Leopold's "Enemies List"

    March 7, 2012CaseFree Speech, Police Practices, Open Government
  6. Amicus brief in support of "No Representation Without Population Act"

    December 2, 2011CaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections
  7. LGBT web filtering in Montgomery County

    October 24, 2011CaseFree Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Privacy & Technology
  8. LGBT censorship of Bel Air High School play

    November 2, 2011CaseFree Speech, LGBTQ+ Rights, Children's Rights
  9. Homeless women denied overflow shelter beds

    October 24, 2011CaseGender and Sexuality Rights
  10. Mardela Springs' property ownership requirement for local office

    October 11, 2011CaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights and Elections


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