Black Voters Challenge Federalsburg’s Election System - Press Conference Highlights

March 14, 2023

In its 200-year history, the town of Federalsburg, on Maryland's Eastern Shore, has never elected a Black official. For centuries, the Town has maintained an all-white government, something Black residents are determined to change with a recent federal lawsuit.

On March 14, 2023, we held a virtual press conference with local partners where plaintiffs in the case shared their personal experiences with Federalsburg's discriminatory election system, showcasing exactly why representation in all levels of government matters.

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Nehemiah Bester edited this video.


Dr. Willie Woods: In the 200 year history of Federalsburg history of Federalsburg, no Black candidates or other persons of color has been elected to the town's government.

Sherone Lewis: And it is to my dismay that my children do not see themselves, I don't see myself represented in our town council.

Lywanda Johnson: It would just mean so much for someone to be in a position of power who is like me. Because right now there is no one here like me.

Roberta Butler: In 2011, I ran but unsuccessful. I didn't have enough vote. One side of the town can vote, the other side couldn't.

Nikendra Bordley: Twice, I witnessed her run twice and both times were unsuccessful.

Carl Snowden: The fact of the matter is Frederalsburg is on the wrong side of history.

Reverend James Jones: It's time for change people. 200 years is a long time.